MGpress14-1Skipp Coon is a husband, father, son, visual and performing artist. His world is colored brightly, in shades of red, black and green. Skipp is a native of Jafrica (aka Jackson). He is a by-product of growing up in Mississippi, a state with rich history, deep pain and great potential. He has used his trademark ‘black liberation’ lyrics as a vehicle to perform nationally and internationally. Over the past 7 years, he has cultivated a loyal fan base from the bay to the UK. His most recent release, ‘Miles Garvey’, which he began carefully crafting while awaiting his first-born son – Miles-Garvey – was released in August 2014 and has received stellar reviews and placements on some very notable outlets (see Chairman Mao’s Enjoy Rap Music 2 and Jon Tanner’s 5 On It’). The music is heavy, aggressive, and touches on every issue that impoverished communities face – crime, drugs, failing public education, systemic oppression, and lack of leadership. Skipp’s perspective lends his voice from an almost-preacher standpoint – informing, inspiring, and urging listeners to think about these issues.


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