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Hip-Hop & Her Family is a media platform dedicated to making space for artists to exist in between genres and outside of the categories all too often imposed by radio, blogs and magazines. Hip-Hop culture is all about connections – across genres, generations and continents. The first hip-hop DJs combined soul, disco, latin and reggae records, finding their similarities, celebrating their differences and mixing them together to create a new style. Since then, Hip-Hop has become a musical genre of her own – but “genre” is just a label to sell a product to a specific market. In reality, the culture of hip-hop remains rooted in the bringing together of diverse styles and sounds to celebrate their kinship. We recognize that all art forms are inherently connected and it’s important to honor influences and relationships. We foster genre-blending and genre-bending, because we believe innovation is born at the intersections.

As 9th Wonder says, “If all you listen to is hip-hop music, then you’re not hip-hop at all.”

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